Fernando Mendes 

An amazing man and artist. Fernando was born in Portugal in 1971, in the city of Porto.

Arriving at the city of Lausanne in Switzerland at the age of 10, he never left it again.

Graphic designer by profession, he is passionate about the design and production of objects in wood and steel.

Fernando shares his know-how and his works with you.

All his creations are unique models. From design to completion, you will have a unique and entirely handmade object in your possession.

Fernando dares to mix wood and steel. These are materials of very different characteristics, which nevertheless harmonise remarkably well. As we often say, opposites attract.

Steel is a cold, industrial-looking material that often brings a modern touch. It is solid and can be worked in different ways.

Wood, on the other hand, is a material with a warm, noble, authentic appearance and character. A natural and living material, wood is an essential material that is brought to life by our talented artisans.

As you can see, the worlds associated with wood and steel are respectively very different. If they blend together so well, it’s because they complement each other.

Fernando understood this very well. He, therefore, combines the mixture of materials in order to create different worlds, bringing out the qualities of each one and highlighting them, while creating a timeless whole with a designer finish.

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