Muriel Favarger Ripert 

An outstanding woman and artist was born on 7 November in Seoul, South Korea.

Multicultural, Muriel lived in Belgium until the age of 21, while being of Swiss nationality.

Muriel grew up in a home where hospitality, authenticity and friendliness were instilled in her. These values are anchored in all of her activities.

From her earliest childhood, Muriel would pick up a few brushes to paint her first frescoes.

By the end of her compulsory education, Muriel was already passionate about art, and she translated part of a book devoted to Auguste Rodin on the themes of the muse, and the inspiration in his works.

What impressed her about this sculptor was, above all, his perseverance in his work, and the unfinished work which forges the feeling of life.

Muriel’s wish is to bring paintings and photos to life through her use of colours, shades, fades, dots and light.

Having a creative personality and a dynamic temperament, she multiplies her resources to create, but also to promote, with ease and conviviality, events which have met with great success since 2011.

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